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Dukupay is poised to become the go-to decentralized finance (DeFi) solution for auto-mated smart-escrows, smart-swaps, smart economy token. Dukupay unique technology will allow people and or generations to easily execute smart blockchain based protocol at a fraction of the cost of similar services provided by law firms and banks. With a focus on building three primary functions as part of its phase one deployment.


Cross-chain Technology

We seeks to solve all these issues, by enabling interoperability between blockchains thus making it easy for them to communicate with another information.


Automated Rebalance

We are maintaining your crypto holdings. which helps to Market fluctuations may cause some of the securities in your portfolio to appreciate or depreciate in value.


100% Decentralized Governance

We represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.

Payments Solutions

We operate our Payment Solution in many countries around the world

Duku Pay is the brainchild of Duku Community, a serial entrepreneurs who started their first payments start-up in 2017, and later founded DUKU PAY, which redefined the payment security space.

  • Reacharge & Bill Payments
  • eBilling Solutions
  • Travel & Booking online
  • Cash Transformations.
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Our Duku Pay Payment Solution has been providing services to its customers for almost 4+ years and everyone is happy


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Token transactions

We can easily view any type of token transaction through our account.

We created the membership organization that builds and supports a global community of loyal business technology customers.We Keeping people safe & secure around the world. Using real-time intelligence from over millions of active users.We are a 100% legit and worldwide business presence company dealing with Crypto trading & Forex trading market.

  • Worldwide Community
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • 100% Legit Company
  • Cross-chain Technology
  • Automated Rebalance
  • 100% Decentralized Governance
Expert people

Global leadership team


Mark Torres

Reporting expert

Ashley Reyes

CEO & Co-Founder

Riley Dougherty

Project manager

Find your answers faster in our popular FAQs topics

  • What is DUKU PAY?

    DUKU PAY is building the payment system of the future. The Duku payment network will integrate the best technological improvements that have been made in the payment industry over the last few decades to create a flexible, easy-to-use and inexpensive payment network.

    These technologies have been available for years, but have not been adopted due to a classic chicken and egg barrier: No buyer wants to join a new network with no sellers, and no seller will offer a payment option that no buyer uses.

    DUKU PAY solves the adoption problem by associating the payment network with a new global currency, and distributing this currency to early adopters for free.

  • Why should I join DUKU?
    1. The earlier you join, the higher your reward. We believe that Duku will overcome the main barrier to a better payment system, and has a good chance of becoming the global standard. But even if you give it just a 0.1% chance of success, think of it as a free lottery ticket.
    2. Why not? It’s free and safe. All you need to do is provide your name and email. We will never spam you or sell your data. If Duku doesn’t succeed, we will erase all user data.
    3. By joining, you increase the chances of success, and accelerate the transformation of the payment industry — a change that will benefit everyone, eliminating the need to carry cash and/or plastic and leading to lower costs, less fraud, and fewer scams.
    4. A popular modern payment system will be inclusive of currently underserved populations all over the world. It will finally provide them easy access to payments, micro-financing tools and inexpensive transactions.
    5. You will help reduce the enormous waste and pollution caused by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, currently consuming as much energy as 6,000,000 households!
  • What are the risks in signing up? What will you do with the data I provide?

    There are no risks. It’s safe and free to join; you just provide your name and email address. We store your personal data securely and we don’t share it with anyone else. We will only email you regarding the project and your account (read our privacy policy). If Duku does not succeed we will delete all data we have collected.

  • Can I register multiple times and get more DUKU?

    You may only open one DUKU account, using your true details. Providing fake details, details of another person, or opening multiple accounts will result in the removal of all accounts and their Duku balances. Note that this also applies to accounts of the same person using different signup methods, e.g. opening one DUKU account using Facebook, and another using Twitter

  • Where is my invite link?

    To invite friends and reserve more Duku, log into and share your unique invite link.

    Note: You will only be able to verify your friends and reserve dukus after the person who invited you has verified your registration request.

  • Why can’t I approve the people I invited?

    After you sign up, your account is still pending until the person who invited you verifies your registration. At this state, you can't verify your own invitees yet. We suggest you contact the person who invited you and make sure that they verify you.

    Once you're approved, you can verify your friends at by clicking “Review” next to their name and choosing the “Approve“ option.


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